About us



Christian Management embodies affordable housing, while incorporating healthy life styles for our Residents.  With our newly renovated homes, the opportunities are endless!  We are also excited to announce our all-new Community Garden!  With many exciting upcoming Spring events, we invite you all to join this wonderful community today. Isn't it about time to enjoy affordable housing without giving up the luxury of modern options? Our staff is dedicated towards making your living arrangements comfortable and convenient.  

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Aside from renting the most unique properties in the SW Virginia's, we also cater towards property owners in need of Management.  We manage properties for owners that are local, as well as all over the continental US!  Our resources allow us to take stress and time off of home owners looking to rent their properties.  Let us protect your hard earned investment today! We have 24/7 Maintanance on call, and handle all appliances and structural issues.  Our goal is to ensure each and every one of our clients have peace-of-mind.