Renting vs. Lease-Option
We require one applicatoin per adult. You will need to provide income vierification, photo ID, and social security card when submitting your application. A $10 application fee per adult is required for rentals. Lease option applicaiton fee is $45 for the first adult and $15 for every additional adult. We can not accept your application without the items listed above. 
Renting:  Whether you are renting for the first time, saving money to buy a home, or just in our wonderful community for a brief period, we would be happy to assit you in finding your new home. Our leases are 12 month leases which transition to month-to-month. We do offer reduced 6 month leases on select properties for an additional monthly fee. 

Lease-Option: The purpose of a lease-option is to offer a path to home ownership to those who may not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage.  We accept those with low credit, no credit, and sometimes even bankcruptcy, as long as other requirements are satisfied! The length of lease-option contracts vary per property. Down payments start at $750! Call today and ask about our Lease Option program!