Path-to-Home Ownership
What is Path-to-Home Ownership?                                                                                     
You must have a job, or an income that is sufficient enough to support
your house payment.  You must also provide documentation reiterating its' validity.  We will not set you up to fail, so providing proper documentation based on your finances will inevitably launch you into a speedy process.
Be willing to work to achieve your goals, "A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward achieving it",and we are here to help you accomplish that.  A full credit review for each adult who will be on the loan is required.  Before you get cold feet, we aren’t going to use this to deny entrance into the program, but to determine where you are starting from.  This helps us guide you into a home best suited for you and yours regarding financial preference, and location.

But, this is such a big step, how do I even get started?

  Have no fear, we are going to guide you through this process.  Our goal is to ensure our residents always have the option to own their own home.  Isn't that a dream of most individuals?  Be done dreaming, and lets make this a reality for your family TODAY!  



Don't put a question mark on your future as a Home Owner!
 ¨ Must have fulfilled 1-year lease term

¨ Rent must have been paid on time
¨ No inspection violations