Q: How much are the security deposits? Are security deposits and initial option payments the same thing?

A: The security deposit amount will always vary per unit; however, the security deposit amount is always the same amount as the monthly rent.  Security deposits are only required for rentals.  We also offer lease-options, which do not have a security deposit, as they have an initial option payment.

Q: Do you allow Pets?

A:  Yes! We welcome most pets with a $200.00 pet fee per pet.  Sorry, no aggressive breeds due to insurance.  There is a two pet maximum per unit.  No animal may be left outside unattended at any time.  There are a few units that we manage for other owners who do not wish to allow pets at this time.  Those properties will be labeled accordingly.

Q: Will you rent to me if I have a felony?

A:   We do criminal record checks and do not rent to anyone with a felony within the last 7 years. Sex offenders are ineligible regardless of conviction date.

Q: My only income is social security. Can I rent a place?

A:  Yes! We gladly rent to individuals and families on social security.  You will need to provide your social security letter verifying your benefits with your application.

Q: What about Maintenance?

A:  We have full-time maintenance staff with a wide variety of skills and certifications.  Residents may submit work orders by calling the office to speak with their property manager, emailing their property manager, or submitting a request here on the website on the Contact Us tab.  We do not provide maintenance on lease option units; however, we can make recommendations of who can contact.

Q: What about snow?

A:  We have snow removal services provided at most of our properties including apartment buildings.

Q: Where can I get an application?

A:  Applications are available at our main office located at 500 Thorn st, Princeton WV 24740.  If we are not in the office, you may get one off the front door.  You may also apply now (link at the top of the main page), or you can mail your application to P.O. Box 1963, Princeton WV 24740.  Application(s) will not be accepted without the appropriate fee.

Q: What if I have never rented before, will you still rent to me?

A:  Certainly!  There are two options.

  • Co-signer: You will be required to have a co-signer go through the application process and lease with you.  This can be anyone who understands that they are signing the lease and will be equally responsible for the rent, late fees, damages, etc. as applicable for the entire duration of the lease.  Co-signers MUST be employed. We cannot accept anyone that draws social security as a co-signer.
  • Non-Qualifying Program: The other option is paying a non-qualifying fee. This is the same amount as the rent of the unit. This will allow you to still rent from us without a co-signer. Renting vs Lease Option We require one application per adult. You will need to provide income verification, photo ID, and social security card when submitting your application. A $20 application fee per adult is required for rentals. Lease option application fee is $45 for the first adult and $15 for every additional adult. We can not accept your application without the items listed above.

Renting Vs. Lease Option

Renting: Whether you are renting for the first time, saving money to buy a home, or just in our wonderful community for a brief period, we would be happy to assist you in finding your new home. Our leases are 12 month leases which transition to month-to-month. We do offer reduced 6 month leases on select properties for an additional monthly fee.

Lease-Option: The purpose of a lease-option is to offer a path to home ownership to those who may not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage. We accept those with low credit, no credit, and sometimes even bankruptcy, as long as other requirements are satisfied! The length of lease-option contracts vary per property. Down payments start at $750! Call today and ask about our Lease Option program!

Clean, safe, quiet, crime & drug free is our goal.